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, creative, and far less prone to panic and collapse. >> the u.s. senate this week approved a sweeping overhaul of the u.s. financial sector. the act introduces a raft of restrictions on banks to curb risk. it seals a mammoth legislative victory for president barack obama. chris dodd, democratic chairman of the senate banking committee praises the land mark reform. >> this is a major undertaking. one that is historic in its proportions that is an attempt to set in place the structure that will allow us to minimize the problems in the future. >> richard shelby, the senior republican on the banking committee thinks differently. >> it creates vast new bureaucracy with little accountability and seriously, i believe underminds the competitiveness of the american economy. >> wall street has been under a cloud of uncertainty for about three years. does the dodd, frank financial overhaul dispel that cloud? >> no, it doesn't, john. they didn't deal with too big to fail. they didn't really get the casinos out of the banks. they got an enormous number of new regulations. the thing is half th
for water and other projects. clinton's trip comes as richard haas tells news week that the u.s. needs to rethink afghanistan. that we're not winning and it's not worth it. he is suggesting a drawdown of troops. after nine years of war, continued involvement in afghanistan isn't likely to yield lasting improvements. it is time to scale down our ambition there and reduce and redirect what we do. >> others say that is not the time to leave. >> it's very difficult conflict. it will take a long time, sometimes hard for americans to swallow, but the notion that we can afford effectively to pull out causes risks and dangers for the united states down the road that are just almost impossible to quantify. >> reporter: it sounds like what secretary clinton will be arguing in kabul on tuesday. >> gregg: the search is on for right now for carjackers that killed an off-duty police officer in chicago. officer michael bailey was killed on his way home from work early this morning. 20 year veteran just two weeks from retirement, police say the shooting occurred when two men tried to steal his buick s
, then it was a u.s. ally state. tons of weapons float into this place. it is a very poor, traditionally pastorless community and a population of 6, 7, 8 million people and it was one of the most militarized parts of africa. >> then both of the sponsors to withdrew. >> it's no coincidence the state collapsed in 1991 when the cold war ended. and we have seen that in other parts of africa. the minute you stopped having this rivalry and outside interest to want to support a somalia, the place just went to pieces with a lot of weapons, more weapon than in kenya or tanzania or other countries in africa. so to me, as somebody who visits, you see the evidence of this when you arrive in mogadishu. the city is completely destroyed. it is unlike any place i have ever seen. and is not bombed from above like a dresden or a hiroshima or something like that, the city has been levelled by small mif caliber gunfire. every building you see is pocked with holes. walls are half standing. you're -- it is like you are in the middle of this ancient ruined city that, you know, was fine in 1991 and has been steadily destr
. a suicide bomber hit near an iraqi military base. nearly 50 people were killed. it comes as the u.s. moves to withdrawal all u.s. troops. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is in pakistan tonight where that country and afghanistan have signed a long awaited trade agreement. the u.s. hopes the deal will increase the number of afghan and pakistanis. >>> still ahead this sunday. a celebration. south african icon nelson mandela. we will take threw. >>> tragedy for a church group on its way to visit universal studios. that story next. >>> tragic trip for a miami church group en route to universal studios in orlando this weekend. their van rolled over on the florida turnpike killing one and injuring 14 others. the accident closed the turnpike for several hours. no word this evening on what caused that crash. >>> storming a party in early mexico this morning and massacred 17 people. the gunmen opened fire without saying a word. at least 18 people were wounded. several of the victims were young. some of them women. investigators have no suspects or possible motive. they say the area is a key t
with the wars that are ongoing, and with the bad economy. those are people talking about him not being a u.s. citizen -- i believe this is the reason why the naacp was talking. people have forgotten that his mother was a white woman. [unintelligible] this is all about racism. there is nothing wrong with eric holder. i believe the president will rebound, it is doing a great job, has more to deal with than any previous president of this country. i believe he will do great. host: also in the paper this morning, when it is about race, it is probably about age too. newt gingrich will go bust week with an idea to deal with america. -- look up last week with an idea. he suggested they reach out to local chapters of the civil rights group and propose a series of joint town hall-style meetings around the country. he could be on to something if he means all americans old enough to remember when cigarettes were harmless and strom thurmond was a democrat. the tea party and the naacp represent this proportionally older memberships. herein lies a problem with some much of our discussion about race and pol
hearts and minds here in pakistan as possible, to close the deficit that exist, and bolster pakistani u.s. relations. there is never going to be any progress or success across the border without the help of pakistan, without pakistan doing more against extremist on this soil. for the u.s., getting pakistan to do more has not always been easy, because anti-sentiments are widespread here and there is a huge deficit between them, and that's why she is here to chip away at the anti-american sentiment. how she plans on doing it is by handing out billions of dollars of u.s. aid approved by the u.s. congress. second clinton is scheduled to unveil a number of programs that are designed to specifically address pakistan's biggest needs. they are an energy shortage, and water shortage, and the economy. t. j., the complaint you often here in pakistan is them saying the u.s. says they want to help, but we don't see the results or the details. tomorrow, secretary of state clinton is scheduled to retail some of the details, like improving on the power grid. and the goal is to get pakistan to do more aga
produces goods at a fraction of the price than we can here in the u.s. in part is the way it values its currency. he is an economist and professor at the maryland school of business. peter, let's get right to it. you say we either get china to play fair or we're headed for a depression. >> absolutely. if china doesn't play fair, there is not enough demand for what americans make. to create jobs, businesses need customers and capital. the customer side, there is just not enough demand for what americans make because we spend so much in china and it's not just its cheap labor. it underdefines its currency by 40%. either we're going to grow very slowly or we're going to tank, but we're not going to recover quickly enough to generate jobs. >> let's turn to richard quest who is host of cnn's "quest hee means business." $220 billion sounds like a gap we need to close, but china produces goods a lot more cheaply which means folks like me in america gets to pay less for things, so what's wrong with that? >> jessica, it's very simple the the day you are prepared to pay more for the t-shirts on y
response to questions today about the planned draw-down of u.s. troops in afghanistan next july. he previously predicted a lot of people moving out. those were his words by then. but says, that's not really a deadline. >> what i was talking about was, you have, we're going to have over 100,000 people there. >> more, right, if you include -- >> i'm just talking about americans, 140,000 people there. and there's going to be a draw-down of forces as we transition. there are 34 districts in afghanistan. and the plan is, as we train up the afghani, we're going to begin in august say okay, now you got this province, we no longer have to have american ornato forces in that province. there will be a transition. and really, what i was responding to was the idea that the president had been outmaneuvered. i was saying, make it clear. so it wasn't so much numbers i meant. it could be as few as a couple thousand troops. it could be more. but settle will be a transition. >> and as the vice president said, there are around 100,000 american troops in afghanistan. 39 have bell killed there this mont
last monday. swiss officials refused to report him to the u.s. where he's wanted for a 1977 child sex case. still ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news," the military changes tactics in its fight against suicide. a completely blocked artery, >> glor: officials in afghanistan today reported the death of five nato soldiers, including two americans, one killed by a road siem bomb in eastern afghanistan, the other in the south. a record 60 americans were killed in afghanistan last month. and the military's also grappling with an equally devastating problem, suicide byer service members. >> reporter: june was not only the worst month ever for american combat deaths in afghanistan. it was the worst month ever for suicides in the army. a total of 32 soldiers, both active duty and reserve, took their own lives in those 30 days. so far this year 145 soldiers have committed suicide compared with 130 during first six months of last year, which at the time was the worst on record. in an attempt to reverse the trend, the army released a suicide prevention video in which specialist joseph saunders,
that the u.s. is a trust worthy partner against the taliban. >>> the vacation is over for president obama who retreated to maine this weekend for a quick break from washington. the first family hiked and biked around arcadia national park and park rangers gave them a tour of a historic white house. on the president's agenda, returning to washington this week, a meeting with the prime minister of britain tuesday. wednesday the president will sign the financial reform bill that the senate passed thursday, he will sign that into law. watching for that. and house democrats say they had a great meeting with the president last week. democrats across the board they say are all on the same page a week after white house press secretary robert gibbs said it's possible democrats lose the house majority in november. >> this is the distinction between a mathematical possibility and a probability. we have said all along this is going to be a very tough political election for all the reasons people have said. but we've also said at the end of the day we're confident we're going to retain a majority in the h
leaders trying to encourage them to cooperate closely with u.s. and afghanistan in fight against al-qaeda and taliban. it will be ahead of summit in kabul. in kabul, three civilians and others were wounded in eastern part of city. primary goal of the clinton visit to afghanistan is refine the mission of the 9-year-old war to show leadership from the administration. what can they do to regain confidence? >> hi to you. secretary clinton tells pakistani officials she needs their help to win the war to afghanistan. to get pakistan on board, she will announce billions of dollars that u.s. will funnel to pakistan for water and energy projects. the trip comes as richard hoss, head of council of foreign relations tells newsweek the u.s. needs to rethink afghanistan, we're not winning and it's not worth it. suggesting a drawdown of troops and here is an exempt -- >> haass is a well-respected voice, former advisor for powecolin powell so it will complicate things for clinton and the administration, but others say it's not the time to leave. >> it's a difficult conflict. the risk to pull out w
advisor to former four star general and u.s. secretary of state colin powell, is telling the white house we cannot win. caroline shivley live in washington with more on that. hi, caroline and welcome back to you, congratulations on your baby! beautiful baby. what is secretary clinton's agenda in pakistan. >> reporter: she is stressing the u.s. needs pakistan to help win the war in afghanistan. to help get them on board, secretary clinton will also announce billions of dollars the u.s. will be funneling to pakistan for water and energy projects, part of the $7.5 billion that we already knew would be spread out over five years. on the plane over to islamabad, richard holbrooke's deputy said the cooperation is not going to happen overnight and here's the quote: we will not be able to get them aligned over a one-year time period on every issue and change 30 years of foreign policy of pakistan on a dime. the administration says they are making progress, critics say, for a billion-and-a-half dollars a year you better be. jamie? >> jamie: well, all of the money that is going to pakistan, i know
schumer is calling on the u.s. government to investigate the role bp played. on sunday, chuck schumer said there is evidence bp works for the -- works with the libyan government in exchange for access to oil fields. he appeared at the conference alongside several relatives of the victims of pan am flight 103. he urges the u.s. and british governments to take a closer look at bp's actions. democrats deny they're facing trouble in this ballparks the election. they took their message to the sunday morning talk shows contradicting what the white house press secretary said last week. brian moore has more on the argument. >> while president obama returned from a weekend mini- vacation, his fellow democrats were working the sunday talk shows. the message -- they are not losing control of congress in this fall's elections. >> i think we will shock the heck out everyone. we will win the house. we will not lose either one of the bodies. >> just one week ago, and press secretary robert gibbs acknowledged what the polls are showing. democrats may be in trouble. >> this is a tough climate. we are tough
need here and increasingly it's the u.s. that is shouldering that responsibility as secretary of state hillary clinton made clear today in an interview with cbs news. >> we have redoubled our efforts working with the afghans to improve and field a much more professional military. we think that we now are putting into place the pieces of a successful strategy. >> reporter: that strategy, sending more troops into the heart of afghan cities, has been costing a growing number of american lives. >> this is a very hard struggle, and general petraeus has said very clearly that it's likely to get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: and it's getting worse. 15 american troops were killed here just this week, putting july on track to be the deadliest month since the war began. most of the deaths occurred in or around the city of kandahar where more american soldiers are being posted to police stations, checkpoints and patrols to try and show the afghan police what law and order looks like. i was just in kandahar, and while the american presence is having an effect, the afghan security force
'm vago muradian. pending confirmation by the senate, the next head of the u.s. central command has a reputation for bluntness. we'll hear his take on lessons learned in iraq. >>> congress is in the midst of summer crunch and one of the world's biggest air shows kicks off next week. northrup grumman dropped a bombshell when it said it would close its shipyard in louisiana. it owns three of the six major shipyards and builds two of the three navy's ships. newport news is one of the capable yards in the nation and able to produce aircraft carriers. we have someone who broke the story two months ago. gentlemen, welcome to the show. >> thanks. chris, let me start with you, why is northrup grumman doing this and what is the navy's reaction to the decision? when it comes to nuclear carrier construction it is a decade's long monopoly? >> that is true but they only build one carrier every five or six years. it is a guaranteed order book but volume is low. bottom line here is the bottom line. that is why northrup grumman is doing this. they're looking for more steady business. what the navy
may choose to legally live in the u.s. as john henrehan reports, that is not the case for gay couples. >> reporter: although the district of columbia and a handful of states new recognize same-sex relationships as marriages or civil unions, federal law does not. these couples, therefore, do not get spousal benefits from associate security, they don't get breaks on federal inheritance taxes and if one of the partners is not an american citizens, that partner may have to leave the u.s. that is the situation for irwin deleon who was born in the philippines and is attending graduate school in the u.s. >> i can't get a green card staying in the u.s. because we're a same-sex couple. different-sex couple can get married and apply for a green card and they'll have it in a few months. >> reporter: irwin has one to two years left on his student visa. even though he's married under d.c. law to a american citizens, john beddingfield who happens to be a episcopal priest in northeast d.c., because they a same-sex couple, irwin may have to leave after earning his doctorate. >> and we talked about it
its suppliers of nuclear technology because that would involve going through u.s. banks so venezuelan banks are now the vehicle through which iran is able to bypass the embargo. >> sean: one branch of iran's development bank now sits in the venezuelan capital to facilitate the transactions. >> with chavez in the middle he can do their work for them and then handle the money taking commissions at both ends so everybody gains. >> sean: venezuela is also supplying iran with something even more valuable. >> an important reserve of uranium in the north of venezuela about 50,000-tons probably that iran is now able to tap. >> sean: so perhaps it is to coincidence that iran has erected a series of factories in this uranium rich area of venezuela. >> it is troubleing that iran has established some factories, a lot of people estimate that these facilitie factories are r armaments and that the ties, the so-called economic ties between iran and venezuela or perhaps syria and venezuela hide support for terrorism. >> sean: those suspicions are grounded in an event that occurred in november of 2008
in effect. they say no pacific wide tsunami is examine expected to reach the west coast of the u.s. or here. >> no oil is leaking in the gulf. bp have extended testing on the cap through this afternoon. they want to see if it can stay permanently sealed. >> this 80-ton cork called the stacking cap. late yesterday in a statement, admiral thad allen the u.s. government and bp allowed for the integrity test to continue another 24 hours. bp has hinted it could keep it sealed for weeks. >> there is no evidence that we lack integrity in the well. >> scientists had feared the pressure of shutting that oil in could rupture the cement casing. that is not happening. >> as long as its holding the pressure that is building inside of it, that is a very good sign. >> yet the government may ask bp to open the valve in the stacking cap to begin capturing the oil and siphoning up to ships on the surface getting one very important piece of information, the amount of oil that has been leaking. >> they can get a good number on what the flow rate was. >> the sum total could be up to 22 bye. there is visibly oil
. and we got a fresh look at it on a flight with the u.s. coast guard. on a coast guard flight from mobile, alabama, to thewater horizon site in the gulf of mexico. pilots began spotting oil miles off shore. the closer they got to the damaged well, the more oil they saw. >> i didn't see any until we were probably about 30 or 40 miles offshore. and then we started seeing some of the stuff, the emulsified below the water, and now the closer we get, the more surface oil that we see. >> reporter: even with the well capped now, millions of gallons of oil are still in the water, drifting with the winds and currents. in some areas, there are long streaks of oil. elsewhere, there are miles and miles of sheen. >> it's starting to turn brownish. >> reporter: every day these planes fly over the oil sleek, out in the gulf and close to shore, directing skimmer boats and alerting officials about where the oil is headed next. all along coastal alabama, some of that oil headed right for the beach, washing in with the tide. cleanup crews are using a variety of methods to try to stay ahead of it. the steady
hopes will show pakistan the u.s. is a trustworthy partner against the taliban. >>> a deadly day overseas in iraq. 46 people were killed in baghdad after two suicide bombings. dozens more were wounded. the bombers targeted government-backed militia who were lined up outside an iraqi military base waiting to be paid. three others were killed in a second suicide attack in anbar province. the attack happened this morning. >>> in afghanistan a suicide bomber killed three and injured others. they say it's unclear who they were targeting. >>> this morning the obama family wraps up their vacation in maine. unlike presidents' pasts vacation, a lot of the family's downtime was played out in front of the cameras. nbc's mike viqueira was traveling with the president. what did the first family do there, mike? >> reporter: they got there. it's a beautiful view. the first family was up there on friday, taking in the view around the rocky coast of maine here. it's called -- what is it called mount dessert island. i think i'm saying that right. they came down. they've done everything. boated. ha
has new robots to detect and kill intruders. meanwhile, they have robots along the u.s. border that say "hola." >>> good morning. as the economy continues to sputter and violence escalates in afghanistan, vice president joe biden finds himself at the center of the obama administrations most critical policy decisions. he's the point man on iraq as well. he's in charge of managing the federal government's $862 billion stimulus package. that's where we began in the secretary of war suite on the white house grounds. i know some in the white house feel wall street reform, health care legislation, stimulus. and yet, the public still thinks the country is on the wrong track. are you not getting enough credit? >> look, these are gigantic packages to deal with the gigantic problem we inherited. a lot of people involved don't know what is inside the package. you have, for example, mr. boehner already calling for the repeal of the reform that just passed on wall street. people don't realize in that reform. you say, look, we have had meat inspection 100 years ago. they didn't like it. peop
and upholding english as the official language of the u.s. >>> one more reminder for you, mark wall street who wrote the letter to lincoln blog posts joints me sunday night, 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. >>> the top stories right now. in official, three nato soldiers died today in spree separate attacks, including one american. yesterday another american soldier died in a blast in the southern part of the country. the latest violence comes as secretary of state hillary clinton heads for afghanistan. she's taking part in the international conference in kabul to talk about the many problems facing the country. >>> a frightening video from mexico captures the moment of a car bombing in juarez. it killed four people and called a potential turning point in mexico's drug war. the worry is that mexico's drug cartels might ramp up the violence in the drug wars by using car bombs against each other, and the government. >>> in custody tonight an alleged drug kingpin figueroaa was the caribbean's most wanted fugitive. the drug enforcement administration finally caught up with him in puerto rico. h
are attacking forces there. pakistan is very concerned as are u.s. officials as far as the threat to the regime and the threats by terrorists. clinton is coming here trying to improve that situation. in the past year and a half, they have done a great deal to try to row assure pakistan that the relationship does not just rest on the security concerns. so she is bringing a lot of water and energy, electricity projects, more than a billion a year over five years of new projects that have been funded in the past but are being redesigned to work through pakistan's government. at the same time, though, officials here, u.s. officials do acknowledge that security is the chief concern and there's even an effort by general patraeus and others to try to put one of the terror networks here on the terror watch lift which would be a big step that pakistan does not welcome. so there are a lot of issues. she's going to be here. and then we'll go on to afghanistan, which, again, has seen more bombings today. contessa. >> andrea mitchell reporting. >>> it is hot and sticky. the thermometer beginning to rise. hu
in the u.s. >> back to what is happening here in the u.s. if we are having the epidemic shift into minority communities, is it still the astigma temp assigned to being gay in the african american community and drug use preventing the education from going on. >> exactly. if you notice a few minutes ago i said men seeking men. >> right. >> in the african american community that is a term we use to draw in people who don't want the quote unquote gay label because there are a lot of men who identify as men having sex with men but do not want or identify with the gay label. >>> they are receiving education or where is the -- >> is it education or just that they won't accept -- well, i mean we have the services and education for years is it a cultural block or what? >> i personally believe it is a cultural block in the sense of not being tapped into what the general population is looking at. and you also need to look at it i believe on a socio-economic level depending on who you are talking to. we have a challenge in that we have to talk to a wide spectrum where as for instance the white gay comm
to somali parents seen her holding his u.s. passport. >> he was interrogated multi -- multiple times and was cleared many times but yet he remains in egypt due to this no-fly list. >> reporter: ia youia said he was studying there. many are upset he was detained in egypt for two months on his way back. >> we believe that barring american citizens from reentering their country is a violation of their rights and due process. >> reporter: wehelie was living in a cheap hotel and eating fast food with coupons provided by the embassy. his brother was allowed to leave. one expert we spoke to said his case was terribly mishandled. >> i don't think this was handled very right at all and i think it was a violation of his rights. >> reporter: there are questions about what he was doing in yemen, however -- >> it was easy to hold him there so he wouldn't have his rights in the united states. that's wrong. >> reporter: and there was a lawsuit filed about the no-fly list. >> we should have a no-comply list. ted kennedy was on the no-fly list at one point. surely they can get that right. >> reporter
-2. the world cup ignited passions in american fans as the u.s. looked to compete. it was the opposite at the open champion said. at st. andrews, not american was found in the top five, for the first time in 41 years. that is where they filmed the movie chariots of fire. tiger woods is certainly one of the americans you expect a little more from. there was a long birdie putt, but he did not catch a break. the hole is taunting him. he is 12 strokes out of first. and the swede is flying up the leader board. paul casey may be the best player in the world without a major. he is english. his approach to the par-4 second, almost as if he knows something. he would make that birdie putt. this was something like an old mcdonald's commercial. it was a game of horse. this was a classic moment at st. andrews. this south african might get the girl. he had a round of 69 and has a four shot lead. he has never before made the cut in the british open. now he is 15 under par. martin is an unheralded player. three players are tied for fourth at - 7. tiger woods and phil nicholson will have to wait. we wi
to their u.s. products. for example, these strawberry nutri-grain bars purchased in the u.s. are made with red 40. the same strawberry snack in the uk uses paprika extract for color. >> the foods with automatically would be safer for kids. and that's re -- that should be the bottom line. >> reporter: the fda maintains that there there isn't enough data to conclusively link these dyes with hyperactivity in children. a statement on the agency's website says that they reviewed the british study and found it does not substantiate a link between color additives that were tested and behavioral effects. but the family says getting the dyes out of their family's food has made a big difference. >> more focused and has more confidence. his handwriting is -- significantly improved. he can stay on task a lot better. i think the biggest improvement is he feels a lot bert about himself. >> reporter: doreen gentzler, news4. >> there's still a lot of controversy over this issue. the fda maintains the dyes are safe. but some experts still feel the kids who may be predisposed to behavioral problems cou
to the u.s., he could not. the government removed him from the list but he is now back in home, in virginia. police are investigating a deadly shooting in gaithersburg. authorities were called to a bus stop last night. when they arrived, they found a man who had been shot. he was taken to shady grove adventist hospital where he died. the victim apparently got into an argument with another man and the man opened fire. workers are on the scene of a water main break in the district. the break was discovered around 7:00 this morning. crews isolated problem this afternoon but a spokesperson says the water main will not be fixed until later tonight. about 30 homes are without water service right now. the 14th street bridge project moves into its next phase, meaning changes for drivers to morning. crews are moving the concrete barriers now blocking the second lane from the right. they will be moved one lane to the left, meaning tomorrow morning, drivers will find the center lane closed. cars will have to get by on either side of the center line, meaning drivers planning to stay on 14th street shou
to a veterinary hospital after he was pulled from the river in a dramatic rescue this afternoon. a u.s. park police officer spotted scout in nearly 100 degree heat and appeared to be distressed. the dog ran and eventually jumped into the potomac. then he wasn't able to tread water. a detective known to be a dog lover dropped her gun get, jumped into the channel and rescued him. she's been credited with saving the dog's life. >> the dog was going under. the dog was circling. his snout was above the water. she grabbed him just in time. >> this man, 59-year-old lawrence hudson of the district is scout's owner. he was cited for having his dog off a leash and paid a $25 fine. he told police he was saying tennis inside the center nearby and left the dog outside for no more than 30 minutes. >> it's a combination of thing. we clearly have a heat issue here. 30 minutes or more in 97 degree weather with no shade or water. the dog may have been worn out from a panic situation. >> hudson told news 4 he was wrong to leave the dog off the leash, but accuse police of chasing scout into the river. >> obviou
't really associate, at least u.s. -- in the u.s. we don't associate jews with sports as much as this film seems to celebrate it. which brings -- we have a lot of films but we have tried to make the films events by bringing certain guests. in the last segment we showed anita. we are bringing the woman born with down syndrome, she is coming to the festival and she will be up on the castro stage after the screening of the film. >> along with a friend and acquaintance of hers and chaperon who runs a service organization in argentina, dealing with people born with downs syndrome. so it will be a chance to talk to this remarkable actress who performed the title role anita and learn a little bit about down syndrome. >> fantastic. we are about to look at yet another clip called a film unfinished. ♪ [ music ] >>> this is the story of a film that was never completed, a film to serve as propaganda for the third reich, that empire infatuated with the camera that knew so well to document its own evil, passionately, systematically like no other nation before it. full decade after the end of the war,
in a statement, admiral thad allen said that the u.s. government and bp have agreed to allow the well integrity test to continue at least another 24 hours. bp says they could keep this going for weeks. they couched the success in double negatives. >> that's no evidence that we lack integrity in the well. >> reporter: scientists had feared the pressure could rupture the well's casing. that's not happening. >> as long as it's holding the pressure that's building inside of it, that's a very, very good sign. >> reporter: the government may ask them to open it and begin siphoning the oil up to the ships on the surface. getting the amount of oil that has been leaking all along. >>> once and for all, they could get an idea of what that flow was. >> reporter: bp could be fined up to $4300 per barrel per day. the sum total? up to $22 billion. meantime, there is visibly less oil around the well. the only way of ending the spill for good? the two relief wells. the first relief well, less than five feet away from the target. it could take two more weeks to close the distance. once they intercept the well,
is impacting the continental u.s. and talk about possible cooldowns. >> thank you. >>> a 6.7 magnitude tremor hit before 7:00 in the bering sea, about 155 miles southwest of dutch harbor. which has a community of about 2,000 people. there was never a danger of a tsunami. there are in reports of any damage or injuries. a 5.0 quake shook anchorage ten days ago but cause nod damage there either. >>> scientists are still busy gathering information about the strongest quake on record to ever rock the d.c. region. this 3.6 earthquake centered in germantown area at 5:04 on friday but could be felt up to 150 miles away. it was followed by a 2.0 magnitude and scientists say there could be more to come but there is little chance of one that could cause major damage. >>> day four now since crews successfully sealed its broken oil well in the gulf and still no sign of any oil flowing from that cap. but tests are still ongoing. the trial run is set to end later today. ed that allen, the point man on the spill, decided after testing is complete crews will connect the pipes leading to ships on the surface.
to take us along with his seven kids, u.s. citizens all, on their journey to work in the fields. they piled high into their creeky van and pointed it north toward ohio. as we got to know pablo, we realized that he saw a purity to his work where we'd seen just back-breaking stooped labor. >> translator: i think the migrant worker is the happiest man in the world. >> this was a test for even pablo's sunny disposition. breakdowns. on-the-fly road repairs. even his van catching fire. back then, we watched the kids down uncooked hot dogs as they drove to the next field for picking. our american hearts, a bounty put on our table over the years by little guys like james flores, 11 years old and already a seasoned farmhand. >> this bone hurts a lot. >> the spine bone hurts? >> yeah. >> but back in 1998, james worked through his aching back picking cucumbers. bent over in a field when he should have been in summer school. all so his family would have extra hands to fill the farmers' buckets. we wondered if the link of childhood was being taken away from him and oth
on there for seven years, since we're four months away from the promised end of u.s. combat operations. these guys say it's a great time to move in. >> we want to make sure that we know what we're getting into and if you're careful about it and if you know what you get into, you can be -- it's perfectply safe to conduct real estate in most areas of baghdad. >> they say you don't need to worry about your safety and something you need to watch is government corruption. there areom four countries in the world more corrupt than iraq, but if you can look past that and are still interested, look at the website, >>> the news edge on maryland. the federal government is handing out more than $100 million to the gm plant in white marsh. the plant said it will use the stimulus money to increase production and here's the really good part. add hundreds of jobs. gm plans to produce 80,000 electric vehicles from the plant every year assistanting in 2013. >>> not exactly the world cup. it's soccer's dirty cousin, much dirtier. up next, taking the edge off of the world's soccer championship. >>> a
english as the official language as the u.s. tea party spoke isesman joins me sunday night rear . >> she is taeking part in an international conference to talk about the many problems facing the country also. >> captures the moment . >>> in custody tonight an alleged drug kingpin was the caribbean's most wanted fugitive. the drug enforcement administration says it caught up with with them. he escaped ten years ago while serving a 209 year sentence for kidnapping. >>> an overturned school bus that happened this morning in franklin county, kansas. nine kids were taken to the hospital for treatment. no word on what caused the accident. >>> when you cross the line and lobby to have convicted killers released, i think that is crossing the line and all the know-how to start making things happen, less with our wallets, and more with our own two hands. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, estate oak laminate's at the new lower price of just 87 cents per square foot. right now, estate oak laminate's [ man ] to the seekers of things which are one of a kind. the a
holloway. steve dunleavy was the first u.s. reporter to go into peru's prison, a place known as hell on earth. >> behind me is a prison gouged out of the windy gray hills that stand outside of lima, peru. the international community of human rights describes this as the worst prison in the world. and any prisoner going inside without his own money to buy food and medication, their fate is sealed. he will rot to death. >> i am where nightmares are eternal. daunte's inferno is real. i take you into the belly of the beast. a oned hope, all he who enter here. i will be the first reporter from the united states to document on hidden camera the horror of the prison. >> the guards don't worry here. they'll shoot, shoot to kill. you're dead. you're dead. there is no morales and no ethical code to go by. it's dog eat dog. the fittest survive. >> his name is john robbins. he walks in the prison three times per week. he's an irish missionary in a place where a cup of fresh water is a reason for murder. his god is a watchful god. >> it's like one... fate made, everything just gets water,
the actual flow rate once and for all. under u.s. law, bp would be fined up to $4,300 per barrel per day if gross negligence is proven. meaning bp's bill on day 86, using the government's highest estimates, could total more than $22 billion. and bp has been vastly underestimating the size of the spill for months now. at first by a factor of 60. and there's some suspicion that bp may never want an accurate number of that tally ever to surface. ron. >> matt, nearly $22 billion, that is a staggering amount of money. >> reporter: yes, it is, and that doesn't mention the claims from fishermen to stockholders and of course the cleanup. bp has shelled out $3.5 billion so far and more. we're learning that work on the cleanup could continue here for years, ron. >> it could go a lot higher than that $22 billion. thank you, matt gutman. >>> the oil may not be flowing, but there's still a lot of activity going on above the wellhead. reporter ted oberg was on the water today. >> reporter: ron, as the well testing closed in and surpassed the 48-hour mark, it was quiet out here. no recovered oil being
previously by concern that the u.s. aid and international aid not be a source of funds for corruption and afghanistan but that there be accountability, and i know the administration set up certain accountabilities on the funds being made available. i would like to add to that the information afghanistan has mineral wealth and whether we are certain that these are not just fungible dollars and therefore the international assistance and u.s. assistance could be a source to fund the corrupt regime which robs the country of good government which is absolutely essential. >> how can you assure me we are making progress on the fund is getting to the intended purpose and not being used for corruption? >> center, just one point of your previous question. i think i may have answered part of the question you asked prior to your arrival. as bennett was here from the beginning. it's been a okay. i apologize. but i want to underscore that the -- that the pace and scope of the drawdown will depend on the situation. >> i heard you say that. >> okay. on the accountability and mineral wealth problems,
news week that the u.s. needs to rethink afghanistan that we're not winning and it's not worth it and often suggesting a seve severe-- writes after nearly nine years of war increased u.s. involvement in afghanistan isn't likely to yield improvements that would be commensurate in any way in american blood and treasure. it's time to scale down our ambitions there and both reduce and redirect what we do. >> it's a direct conflict, going to take a long time, sometimes hard for the americans to swallow. the notion that we can afford effectively to pull out and causes risks and dangers for the united states down the road that are just almost impossible to quantitied phi. >> that message sounds like what secretary clinton will be talking about in kabul when she meets about the afghan fight. >> caroline shively in washington, thank you. . >> the white house making sure the message is clear. democrats will maintain their majorities in both chambers of congress in the mid term elections and vice-president joe biden speaking in no uncertain terms during one sunday morning talk show, liste
to articulate his vision. he's ready to be a u.s. senator, they think. i think there are a lot of other folks in the state who aren't ready to say that yet. he'll be answering a lot important questions in that. >> jessica yelin, thank you. we'll get back to you. >>> coming up, we're talking to a couple of people in the audience today to listen to alvin greene. what did they think about him? are they convinced he would make a good u.s. senator? will they vote for him? they're coming up. >>> we want to get to the gulf of mexico because it is day 90 of the gulf oil disaster. the sound you hear is the entire gulf coast holding its breath. for three days no oil has spilled from the broken well at the bottom of the gulf of mexico. bp reports no hor oil has reached the coastline in the past 24 hours and there's less oil out in the gulf to collect, which means if the new cap holds, this could be the beginning of the end of this three-month environmental catastrophe but no one will breathe easy until the well is killed and all the spilled oil has been cleaned up. david mattingly joining us from new or
in the gulf is admiral thad allen, retired u.s. coast guard, now the national incident commander of the deep water horizon oil spill response. good morning. tell us, what is the latest on the cap that has been put on the deepwater hozon oil well? guest: yesterday we exceeded a 48-hour period where we were able to shut the well and maintain some pressure. we will go for another 24 hours and assess where we are, and that will be sometime this afternoon. there is a quandary presented by the shut-in of the well. we have established pressure -- the good news, but it did not rise as high as we thought. we were looking for somewhere between 7500 and 8000 psi, which we thought would be the difference to of the top of the well from that being pushed up from the reservoir, but we are between 6760 hundred now. the curve on the pressure is consistent with the well with the treaty, but there is a question as to why the pressure islow, and crawls around two competing theories. one is that the oil released so far released into the and from the depleted the well and drop the pressure, or that the oil is esc
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